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When in NYC

September 08, 2016


Happy Thursday, friends! It was a short work week — just the right size work week, like how a short stack of pancakes is usually the right size stack of pancakes. Here's hoping your weekend is full of all the things you didn't manage to squeeze into Labor Day weekend — books, naps, that little side trail on that hike (you know, that one).

I'll be spending the next few days romping around that envy of all cities, New York! Taking the wrong cabs, glorying in cheap and very cheerful bagel sandwiches, drinking coffee from the other coast and sweating way more than I would have in Seattle. On my bucket list:

- Stop by Pause Cafe in Lower East Side. This tiny spot with a Moroccan pulse serves up righteous açai bowls, an array of pastries, and simple, satisfying bagel sandwiches. There's one in particular, an almond butter + banana combination, that's got an inexplicable hold on me.

Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel. There's Stumptown in Seattle, sure, but this just feels... right.

- Find an enamel mug. Plain, white or gray camp mug, for purposes that will soon be revealed... if I can just find one out in the world. 😬

- Chelsea Market for a block of halva from Seed + Mill. I came across this place when I was last in town and only took away a tiny sliver. Mistake. Nutella & Hazelnuts, Cardamom, I'm coming for you.

- Dumplings. Xi'an Famous Foods' spicy & sour lamb dumplings would do swimmingly.

Cheers. Have the best Thursday ✌🏻