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Rosa Parks' Peanut Butter Pancakes

February 25, 2016


So, yesterday, the Library of Congress digitally released to the public a collection of Rosa Parks’ personal writings and photos and such. Amazingly, among them was a recipe — for pancakes! It’s not every day you wake up to Rosa Parks telling you to put peanut butter in your pancakes. I mean, how could I say no…?

A quick adaptation this morning yielded wonderfully fluffy pancakes packing a hefty punch of peanut butter flavor with a soft, cake-like crumb. I did back down a little on the amount of baking powder Ms. Parks suggested for “featherlite” cakes — 2 whole tablespoons, daaang girl! — because I worried that that much baking powder might lend a bitter taste. With one and a half tablespoons and a light mixing hand, these pancakes turned out flufftastic nonetheless. Top with bananas to achieve some serious peanut butter / banana role reversal, then douse both in as much maple syrup as your heart desires. It’s the weekend, after all! I’m sure Rosa would approve.

Find my original source here on Food52!