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Popcorn Granola + Friday Fave Five

November 04, 2016


Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax your death grip on your pen / mouse / coffee mug. It's Friday!

This week has been about loosening up. There's a lot of wacko going on right now on top of our already wacko lives, and I for one need a break. A break could look like this Popcorn Granola, which I absolutely had to give a shot because a) popcorn for breakfast! and b) um popcorn for breakfast?!?

I followed the Food52 recipe somewhat loosely. My goal was breakfast, not dessert for breakfast / a lot of popcorn buoys bobbing in my almond milk. Balance — because, right now, we need balance.


Now — for this week's Friday Fave Five!

  1. Celebrating a Cubs win in the World Series — with Chicago Dogs, o'course. (Disclaimer: I don't know a thing about baseball. But I do know a thing about Chicago Dogs, and that thing is that they're dang delicious.)
  2. Tried out these buckwheat chocolate chip cookies this week. I have thoughts, which are 94.5% positive, and believe you me I’ll be working on that other 5.5% next week.
  3. In the interest of loosening up, I'm playing more with colored pencils. This set of mini colored pencils from Muji is so cute I could hug it.
  4. Don’t dress your age.
  5. Looking forward to a few good boozy slushies this weekend at the new Chinese-takeout-joint-meets-dive-bar down the street. (If that wasn't a thing before, it is now.)

Go enjoy your weekend!