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Friday Fave Five!

October 21, 2016


Let’s round up. Catch up on some things. What happened this week? What was interesting? (Don’t talk to me about the election. I’ve had too much.) Since our brains are already full of stuff and it’s Friday and we can’t take any more, we’ll keep it short. So here we have it: the S&S Friday Fave Five.

1  Capturing a fuller sensory experience of food. P.S. Massimo Bottura is ingenious and insane and I adore him.

2  Getting into vintage kitchenware. Like these clutch copper-look measuring cups!

3  Everyone seems to be making enamel mugs. And you know what, I’m totally into it.

4  A different take on Southern fusion: Salare. Both my Southern roots and my present Pacific-Northwestern self cry in unison: Please take me for brunch?!

5  I followed this recipe for red bean bread from The Woks of Life, and it was one of the best baking decisions I’ve made. Now, what to do with all this leftover red bean paste?

Cheers, everyone. To the weekend!