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Digestive Biscuits

March 16, 2016

Digestive Biscuits

So, from what I hear, it’s St. Patrick’s Day. And wouldn’t you know, I totally made an Irish Soda Bread chock full of wholemeal and raisins and junk. I even made a green avocado pound cake complete with green tea soak, just to be extra green about it. Heck, I even drank a green avocado-kale smoothie for breakfast.

The recipe above is… none of those things. All I can say is I’ve been making a lot of digestive biscuits recently, and my best excuse for sharing these with you today is that, well, England is Ireland’s neighbor so that makes it ok right??

Digestive biscuits actually originated in Scotland in the early-mid 1800s as a physician-recommended aid for — wait for it — digestion. I don’t know, something about whole wheat flour and fiber being good for your guts. I’ll take it, if it means I can have an extra biscuit with my morning cup of coffee. These biscuits are crispy and toothsome with the warm, hearty flavor of whole wheat. They work wonders with a cup of good black tea and some sweet, tart jam. Under slices of aged cheddar and apple, they might just turn your mid-morning snack into a hearty early lunch. Whoops / you’re welcome.

However you decide to enjoy these, just make sure you do make them and enjoy them. They’re quick, and easy, and so so good. And healthy(ish), or at the very least healthier than all that Guinness you’re about to drink. :)