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Red Bean Illos All Vertical
Adventures with Red Bean: Illustrated Essay

"We built our own culinary micro-region... in the food we enjoyed eating together. And there, in that common ground, was adzuki: red bean."

Enjoy the full article with illustrations on Food52.

Outerborough Popcorn Chicken Withflag
Outerborough popcorn chicken wrap

A visual guide to the delicious ingredients inside a Taiwanese popcorn chicken wrap from NYC-based Outerborough. Created especially for their Smorgasburg menu.

Wg Sawmill 02
Food photography: The Wandering Goose

Mouthwatering photos of the Wandering Goose's famous biscuits. Taken in-restaurant as a reference for illustration, these photos are just as tasty on their own!

Eater Seattle West Seattle All Sml
West Seattle Neighborhood Guide

"There's plenty to see and explore, and, these days, plenty of delicious bites to be had along the way."

Read the full illustrated guide on Eater Seattle.

Lemon Bar 111416
Lemon Bar Ice Cream: Sweet Lo's x S&S

Collab with local Seattle small food biz Sweet Lo, a creator of made-from-scratch, no-stabilizers-added, 100% purely delicious ice cream. One of six.

Strawberry Shortcake 111716
Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream: Sweet Lo's x S&S

Collab with local Seattle small food biz Sweet Lo, a creator of made-from-scratch, no-stabilizers-added, 100% purely delicious ice cream. Two of six.

Food photography: Dim sum radish cake

I specialize in developing creative content around Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese food & culture — particular interests of mine. This tasty seared radish cake is a Cantonese dim sum specialty.

BBQ Week Mains
BBQ Mainstays: Illustrated Guide

The best hits of barbecue. Featured on Eater Seattle's BBQ Week.

BBQ Week Sides
BBQ Sidekicks: Illustrated Guide

A compilation of Seattle's tastiest BBQ sides. Featured on Eater Seattle's BBQ Week.

The Cool Kids - Seattle Ice Cream
The Cool Kids

An illustrated guide to Seattle's frozen treats. Featured on Eater Seattle.

Lindera Farms Illustration 100716 02
Lindera Farms Vinegars

Illustration accompanying an article on Lindera Farms in Virginia. Featured on Life & Thyme.

Build Your Own Biscuit!

Illustrated accompaniment to a biscuit + baked apples recipe feature in Clementine Daily.

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About S&S

Through illustration, recipe development, photography, and writing, Sugar & Stamp explores the connection between food and people. The mission? Stay curious, and stay hungry.

S&S is a project of Lori Bailey: designer-illustrator, food strategist, and self-taught baking enthusiast. If asked how her design education collided with cooking and baking, her response would probably be "by accident." But, in all likelihood, it was bound to happen—a meeting point of food and creativity, and a quest to discover how they can bring people together. S&S continues to grow and evolve, always with a steady stream of baked goodies and doodles going out to friends new and old.


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